Every home on Waiheke has a septic tank; it is a ‘living’ system and is sensitive to what you put in it. Whatever you wash into a drain will end up in the septic tank so:

  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet except toilet paper and human waste
  • Don’t put excessive amounts of waste water through the system – if you have an approved grey water system you can reuse grey water etc for gardening purposes
  • Avoid tipping grease, oil, coffee grounds etc down the plughole.
  • Make sure household cleaners and detergents can be safely used in septic tanks. Avoid using bleach as this is particularly harmful to septic systems. We have a range of septic friendly B.E.E cleaning products available for purchase so come in and see us at the Waiheke Resources Centre in Artworks. 
  • If you're septic is smelly, we also sell NatureFarm EM which is a eco-friendly way of dealing with the smells and helping to get your septic back to a healthy state.