About us

Waiheke Resources Trust & Sustainability Centre

Waiheke Resourses Trust (WRT) is a professional not-for-profit organisation that has been serving the Waiheke community since 1998.

We work to celebrate and protect all the resources we already have, and build capacity and knowledge in the community toward the creation of a resource-full future for all.

Through six main project areas, we work to support thriving environments and communities by engaging, educating and supporting people in environmental restoration, food resilience and waste minimisation. We collaborate with volunteers, interns, local business, national and regional networks, iwi, government bodies, subject experts and Waiheke whānau to get the job done.

We believe that when environments are healthy and communities are connected, people and wildlife can flourish, and within that community a strong economy can exist.

You can read WRT’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan here.

Our vision

A sustainable future for all

Waiheke’s diverse community is connected, empowered, skilled and supported to actively protect and enhance the natural and social fabric of our island and the planet for future generations.

Our mission

A sustainable community in action

We are a hub providing the Waiheke community, and people visiting our shores, with inspiration, exemplars, guidance, skills and opportunities to treasure and actively nurture the island’s natural environments.

Our objectives

Supporting sustainable practice

  1. Undertake projects and programmes which maximise sustainable practice on Waiheke.
  2. Provide the Waiheke community with information, inspiration, innovation, exemplars and education to make ethical, effective and powerful decisions in respect of sustainability.
  3. Undertake and generate community development initiatives, including community activism, on Waiheke for the benefit of people and our environment.
  4. Provide training and assist people on Waiheke to gain knowledge and skills in sustainable practice.
  5. Develop a model for small communities in sustainable practice.
  6. Promote, support and connect sustainability networks.
  7. Undertake and support study and research in sustainability and, where appropriate, to
    publish the results.
  8. Provide a working environment that fosters cohesiveness, belonging, innovation, upskilling, and fun.

Our Projects

Protecting water and the environment

  • The Love Our Wetlands project takes practical action to restore wetlands.
  • The Waiheke Waterways project locates and investigates the cause of stream contamination and provides community education as a solution
  • The Marine Education Initiative teaches and inspires young people about wetlands ecosystems and their coastal environment.

Strengthening community and reducing waste

  • Kai Conscious food rescue creates ‘tummy-fill, not land-fill’ and teaches cooking and kai gardening.
  • Zero Waste enables businesses and community to reduce waste and learn about positive waste management.
  • Compost Co. demonstrates the circular economy in action; collecting compostables and food scraps from businesses and turning it into nutrient rich compost for sale.

Food rescue, wetland restoration, household composting, septic tank health, zero waste events, marine experiential days, school education programmes, commercial composting, waste minimisation, food rescue – our projects create thriving environments and communities.

Our funding

WRT is a not-for-profit organisation

WRT is funded through a diverse range of grants, contracts and and donations. All profits we make go back into our projects to maintain or expand our delivery and support our local community. Thank you to our generous funders, partners, customers and people just like you for supporting our projects and our vision for a sustainable future.

Our credentials

Charitable status

WRT has been a NZ Registered Charity since 30 June 2008. Registration number CC34108.

Service provider status

WRT is an Auckland Council accredited provider with an Ariba profile.

Health and Safety plans

WRT’s Health and Safety plans are provided by Integrated Safety.

Our networks

Environment Hubs Aotearoa

EHA is the national umbrella for local organisations that help Kiwis take practical action in their homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces and wild places. Our members are a network of Environment Centres and other entities that act as a local hub for information, events, networks and projects that make a difference to our environment. By collaborating nationally, we deliver better local solutions for global challenges.

Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance

AFRA was launched in March 2021 as part of the New Zealand Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact on food insecurity for New Zealand households. AFRA’s purpose is to provide national support for local food rescue organisations to reduce food waste and increase food security.

A registered charity and Incorporated Society, AFRA is a collaboration of 26 organisations involved in food rescue across the motu, which supports and advocates for its food rescue members and the wider sector.

Waiheke Island Tourism Inc

Waiheke Island Tourism Inc. is the official representational body of tourism businesses on Waiheke Island. WITI is focused on the sustainable promotion of Waiheke as a world-class visitor destination.

Waiheke is a significant and unique location, and the overall sustainability of our island means securing its economic, environmental, social and cultural success. WITI is an important channel for ensuring those areas are appropriately focused and managed for the benefit of our wider community.

Community Energy Network

CEN is the national arm of a network of regionally focused community-based organisations who aim to improve the health of our communities by working to make homes warm, dry and low cost to run. They are also focussed on creating local jobs through skills training, work experience and partnering with philanthropic organisations, local government and businesses in their area.

Sustainable Business Network

Established in 2002, SBN is New Zealand’s largest, longest-standing sustainable business organisation. A network that enables system change in the areas of climate, waste and nature. A social enterprise, a community and a movement. Transforming leading ideas into action in Aotearoa. Consisting of hundreds of progressive organisations and people that collectively invest in and act on system change.

Zero Waste Network

Zero Waste Network represents community enterprises across Aotearoa New Zealand who are working towards zero waste. Our mission is connect, educate, enable and inspire them to reach their goals and to be a unifying voice at local, regional and central government levels.

Living Wage Movement Aotearoa

The Living Wage has emerged as a response to growing poverty and inequality that continues to hold back so many Kiwi workers, their families and our economy.

Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand brings together community/secular, union and faith-based groups to campaign for a Living Wage.

Environment and Conservation Organisations

The Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand was formed in 1971 under the name of CoEnCo and changed its name to ECO in 1976. It is a non-profit umbrella group and network of around 50 organisations and publish ecolink, a quarterly newsletter sent out to members and supporters

Volunteering Auckland

Promoting volunteering work in Auckland, through information and advice for volunteers, teams and providing links to nonprofit organisations.

Related resources

Volunteers and internships

Join one of our amazing projects and help restore our beautiful wetlands, reduce our food waste and support our community. There are plenty of activities to choose from and if you’re more of an indoors person, there’s lots going on in the Kai Conscious kitchen and WRT offices.

Visit us

Whether you are a visitor to Waiheke or a resident, life can be a little different from living in a city so we share ideas and information to help you live more sustainably and in tune with the island. We have guidance on conservation, reducing and managing waste.

Our team

The WRT’s work is made possible by a network of people committed to the Trust’s vision.

Our dedicated team is passionate about promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility on Waiheke Island.