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Love Our Wetlands Waiheke works with the local community and volunteer groups towards the ecological restoration and protection of seven significant wetland habitats on Waiheke Island –  Te Matuku, Te Whau, Matiatia Headland, Rangihoua, Okahuiti, Te Huruhi Bay and Owhanake.

The support of volunteers and the Waiheke community plays a huge part in the success of the project.

Engagement Opportunities


Join us for a day in the wetlands! We welcome corporate and community groups from across Aotearoa to engage with our work. You will be hosted by our knowledgeable restoration team and spend your time planting; tree releasing; removing weeds; learning about local history, native plants, animal and fish species; and all about our amazing natural resources – wetlands.


Are you a business wanting to help mitigate climate change by contributing a percentage of proceeds to a local project? Can your connections help us regenerate wetlands for for the benefit of future generations? Is there a wetland on your property that is in need of restoration?

We would love to hear how you can help us love our wetlands together.

Living sustainably

Whether you are a visitor to Waiheke or a resident, life can be a little different from living in a city so we share ideas and information to help you live more sustainably and in tune with the island. We have guidance on conservation, reducing and managing waste, conserving water and connecting with your community. You can also find out how to grow food, and compost scraps.

Why are wetlands important?

LOWW is currently working to restore seven wetlands on Waiheke, each of which has unique historical, cultural and environmental value. Through this mahi, we are creating vibrant habitats where our native species can thrive.

People who walk through the sites can see and hear the changes as birds return, trees grow, and the wetlands flourish.

Our wetland sites

Find below our interactive GIS map that shows where our team is working, and a summary of the work we’ve done since July 2021.

Annual report

See the progress that has been made on Waiheke’s wetlands since 2015 and find out what we have planned for the future.

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