Hello everyone! I am Phyllis from Singapore, and the newest intern to join the Waiheke Resources Trust!  

About 2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure to be involved in a Green Drinks Event at the Waiheke Sustainability Centre, to raise awareness for the Love Our Wetlands crowd funding campaign with the help of Million Metres that is raising $43,000 to plant 1483 metres of Waiheke Wetland. It was a night where like-minded people gathered to share and/or find out more about wetlands here on Waiheke and what more we can do to help these precious ecosystems.

We had a list of guest speakers who enlightened us about the need to protect our beautiful waterways – Karen Denyer from the Nation Wetland Trust; Georgi Hart from Million Metres and Michael Tavares, who is an environmental activist & Waiheke Resources Trust Trustee. Hearing about what they had to say was indeed inspiring and prompted me to want to do more, not just for the community and landscapes here, but back in Singapore too.                                

Aside from the interactions and presentations, we were treated to a night of great food by our very own Kai Conscious Cafe. Of course, I was more than willing to help out in the kitchen and sample the food to ensure everything that went out tasted awesome. Also, thank you to our other sponsors: Yealands Wine & Hallertau Brewery for quenching our thirst as well as Loretta from XOX Waiheke for memorializing the event with your gorgeous pictures! And of course, our party wouldn’t be complete without music and entertainment by the Electric Bananas!

All in all, it was a well spent Friday evening with people so passionate about making the environment and their community a better place. So a big thank you to everyone who donated their time and money for our cause.

But please don’t stop there! Do continue to donate if you want to see us jump off the wharf and help us reach our goal! Visit our Love Our Wetlands and Million Metres page on facebook to find out more about what we will be doing soon!








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