Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince

Out of sight, out of mind huh? That’s how most of us think about our rubbish: deposit that offensive piece of packaging in the recycle bin, throw in the glass, the plastics, the tetra container, the cans, the mouldy bread and put it out on a Tuesday. Done and dusted, sorted and gone in the flash of a tip truck. Once used most of us just don’t want to think about it, where it goes, what it ends up in, how much it costs to get upcycled. And the the worst of it is, some of us don’t really care.

Not caring however, is not an option for Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince who haven’t had a rubbish tin for the past 2 years since making a decision to live a largely rubbish free life. We were lucky enough to host them at the sustainability centre where they shared insights and discoveries into their almost zero waste way of doing things to a packed house. This no waste couple have been traveling around New Zealand for the past 7 weeks, giving their ‘Rubbish Trip’ workshops and talking to school and communities. The two primary schools on Waiheke were lucky enough to hear about their almost entirely waste free existence and are still buzzing after meeting them.

According to Hannah living this way is a huge money saver as well and have given them a wider understanding of waste reduction and how to live a truly sustainable life. They make all their own toiletries including deodorants, shampoos and soaps. At the talk we got to sample some of their zero waste food which was delicious most especially a homemade marmite which beats the yeasty socks off the commercial brand.

The two have also visited dumps and waste disposal facilities in both their home-town of Wellington and throughout the trip which have really opened their eyes to the problems associated with landfill and the wide use of plastic bags. Clearly there is so much to be done but this couple have really got us thinking with their presentation. Follow them on Fb The Rubbish Trip and grab a few tips on refusing, reducing and rethinking that rubbish bin: we await that marmite recipe too with bated breath. Here they are at the sustainability centre talking to Kathy. Enjoy!

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