An intern’s perspective:

So…everybody loves food. Unfortunately though, we are all guilty of throwing our food away from time to time. At WRT our fantastic chef and team can help you to make the most of those close dated items at the back of your fridge.

As a new member of the WRT team, I was amazed at just what you can make with a little imagination and a few unwanted vegetables. The Kai Conscious Cafe is both fun and welcoming. Anyone and everyone can visit The Sustainability Centre to help cook, eat, or simply just donate their unwanted food on Fridays. At my first Kai Conscious Cafe meal I had been a resident of Waiheke for less than a week, but it was easy to see how warm and welcoming the community is here. Just one day in the Kai Conscious kitchen taught me a lot about how to turn old food into new delicious dishes, and I built on that knowledge each week. At WRT we hate waste, but love food. Spread the love for food and come along on a Friday afternoon to the Kai Conscious Cafe for a taste of community and food rescued from landfill.  



Written by Katie, an intern from England

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