For those that had never composted before or wanted a refresher the WRT Compost Collective November workshop forgot the powerpoint presentations and got hands on with Claire Mummery at Cable Bay Vineyard’s organic gardens where they process the restaurant food and vineyard organic waste.

The workshop focused on Bokashi, worm farm & traditional composting techniques that can be used at home to reduce food waste to landfill while creating nutrient rich soils at the same time!

Food makes up 30% of Waiheke’s waste that is shipped off the island to Auckland landfills. A valuable resource when composted but once food waste is added to landfill it produces the harmful greenhouse gas Methane and leachate that can have devastating effects on soils and waterways.

Thinking of food waste as a resource instead of rubbish is something we all need to do. Just like recycling doesn’t go in your red bin, neither should your food waste!

Local composting guru and organic gardener Claire Mummery worked with Kristin to facilitate the November Compost Collective workshop at Cable Bay Vineyard where Claire has been developing soil, sustainable food gardens and waste systems using EM (Effective microorganisms), Bokashi and nutrient dense fertilisers. Claire has been growing food organically for over 27 years and her experience is grounded in classroom theory with a diploma in permaculture and practical lessons from mother nature – the best teacher there is!

The Compost Collective is funded by Auckland Council and the Waiheke project is managed by the Waiheke Resources Trust.

Auckland Council subsidises composting systems for participants & there is a further discount for Community Services and Gold Card holders. We hold regular workshops throughout the year or pop in and see us at the Waiheke Sustainability Centre, we are always keen to talk composting! We also sell Bokashi Zing and Bokashi, worm farm & tradidtional composting systems.

Contact – Kristin 027 386 1125 [email protected] or visit

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