It’s only getting hotter, and as we head full swing into the heights of summer, it’s time to plant your tomatoes! Our Kai Gardens volunteers have been hard at work, and we now have a lovely range of heirloom toms, cucumber, cabbage, sorrel, celery, spinach, kale, kamo kamo and tomatillo ready to plant!

We also have some crystal ice plants, which are ground-creeping with succulent leaves and some lovely flowers. Crystal ice plants get their name because of the water storing cells that cover the plants, giving them a glistening look. They can be used steamed, stir-fried or blanched, and you can also eat the leaves and stems raw.

Seedling Prices:

  • $3 for a punnet of 6
  • $1.50 for individual plants

The price for the seedlings is set so that we can cover materials and still encourage gardening as a fun, healthy recreational activity. You can purchase seedlings at the Waiheke Sustainability Centre from 9am – 4pm on weekdays, and we also have a seedling table out front on Fridays.

You might also have noticed that the front gardens are starting to fill up, with a demonstration kitchen garden almost finished and more herbs planted in the long garden under the window. We are using our own Kai Gardens seedlings as much as possible, and they’re growing well. The plastic bottles are to protect our bean seedlings as they race up the bamboo frame! We’re harvesting our winter cabbages, and soon the gardens will be flourishing with different edible plants, so come on down to the Centre to have a look and get inspiration for your own gardens at home.

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